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Things to do when you are moving

4 weeks to go

Collect family’s dental and medical records, letters of introduction and children’s records.
If Renting, advise your current landlord.
Contact your broadband and telephone provider.
Contact your corgi registered gas engineer if cooker needs disconnecting, we are not allowed to do this by Law.

3 weeks to go

Advise your friends, relatives, solicitor, local council, insurance companies, accountant, hire purchase companies, stores where you have accounts, your clubs.
Start packing and labelling boxes with contents and intended location in your new home (if A R removals are not doing your packing)

2 weeks to go

If moving long distance, have your car serviced. Arrange for pet transportation if necessary.
Advise your banks where you have accounts, including credit cards.

7 days to go

Notify your post office to redirect your mail Arrange Electoral Roll transfer
Advise the H M Revenue tax office.

6 days to go

Advise DVLA (your license, motor vehicle tax registration etc)
List essential items you will need on moving day

5 days to go

Contact your gas, water and electric supplier.
Organise final accounts for these
Ensure continuity of these services at your new address.

4 days to go

Cancel local arrangements, for example, lawn mowing window cleaning.
Clean out medicine cabinet.
Empty rubbish bins.
Do final clear out of garage and unwanted furniture. Empty steam iron, toaster, grill, barbeque etc.
Drain fuel from lawnmowers and other machinery. Wash and dry laundry.
Prepare any items requiring dismantling such as trampolines, modular garden furniture etc.

1 day to go

Tighten lids on all jars containing liquids.
Keep these upright in boxes, use packing paper.
Dismantle TV aerial if taking it.
Pack any liquids or breakables from fridge.
Separate items that belong to the house, eg, appliance instruction books, kitchen items, including roasting dishes.


You should be just about organised.
Make sure you have all the keys to the house and car. Put these out the way so they don’t get packed.
Consider packing a carton with essential things you will need when you first arrive, eg, bathroom effects, toilet paper and basic kitchen ware.
Carry all important documents, valuables, cash with you. Tighten all taps
Check gas, electric switches and lights.
Lock doors and windows and return house keys.
Check in all cupboards see that nothing is left behind.

A few don'ts

Don’t store perishable foods such as cereal, fruit and vegetables etc.
If storing your household goods, the following articles are classified as DANGEROUS GOODS and cannot be stored: ammunition, paint, linseed oil, turpentine, petrol, cleaning fluids.
Don’t put breakables or liquids in drawers, and don’t overload drawers with too much clothing.
Don’t store jewellery, money, legal documents or articles of extreme value.
Don’t leave travel tickets or passports where they might be packed.
Don’t mix your best china with heavy items like books. Make sure fragile items are carefully and loosely wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and labelled fragile.
Don’t pack books in huge boxes.

Finally we hope you have an excellent removal day!

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